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Since 1979 we continue supplying high quality culture media to the market.

Traceability is achieved by controlling the production of our culture media along the process. The selection of high class raw material from same sources enable us to maintain excellent product with batch to batch reproducibility; factors that are really appreciated by end users.

In order to fulfil all customers' requirements our culture media are presented in two formats:

To complement our culture media we have an extensive range of Additive and Supplements. And for those customers interested in preparing tailor made media, we also offer Ingredients from a selected list of raw materials including peptones, agar, extracts, bile salts, etc.

Our portfolio includes more than 400 different formulated media that are manufactured in accordance with our existing Quality Standards and Quality Management practices according to ISO 9001:2000,.

In addition, our culture media complies with validated methods, International Standards and microbiological guides including ISO, Harmonized Pharmacopoeia Methods, Eur. Pharm., USP and FDA.

Such quality control practices and certification that conform to International standards enable us to offer culture media for a wide range of microbiological applications and parameters in both the clinical and the industrial sector (Pharmaceutical companies, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Contract Laboratories, Water testing laboratories).

Should you be unable to find the product that you are seeking from our portfolio, we can often customise a product to your requirements.