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New Scharlau pH buffer kit and pH buffer insurance

pH value is probably the most common of all routinely performed measurements in laboratories. Since pH-value affects all chemical and biochemical reactions, it is very important to have a reliable measurement. It is advisable calibrates the pHmeters at least once a day. Scharlab offers a kit with the enough pH buffer quantity for a daily and accurate calibration for 6 months.

The pH buffer kit is composed of 2 one-liter bottle of 3 colored Scharlau ph buffer pH 4, pH7 and pH10 (p/n. KT00016000)

So you don't need to worry about the ph meter calibration, we also offer the Scharlau pH insurance. With this service you will receive one pH buffer kit when purchasing the insurance, and a second kit 6 months after the first, covering your annual consumption. We offer tailor made pH insurance in case of you have more than one equipment or a higher ph buffer consumption.

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