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Aquagent® Coulometric range

Scharlab's Aquagent® Karl Fischer reagents are products used to analise the water quantity in different products. The determination of water present in a sample is one of the parameters most analysed. Water influences the expiry date, stability, reactivity, etc., of any product or sample. Karl Fischer titration is a worldwide accepted method for this determination.

Coulometric titration is the indicated method for samples with a low water content (0.1%) or for the determination of water in valuable samples. Depending on the cell, one type of reagents or others are needed.

Scharlab is pleased to announce his new range of Aquagent® Coulometric reagent for Karl Fischer.
Scharlab offers an expanded and reformulated Aquagent® Coulometric reagents range for Karl Fischer.

Scharlau's new reagents allow measurements with greater precision and more homogeneity of results.

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