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New Product Info for Fuel Oil Analysis

The Petrochemical Industry is of utmost importance in the 21st century. At Scharlab we are aware of the importance of crude oil analysis and the refined products produced. The majority of the obtained products in this industry can be classified, in order of annual production, in Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene and Fuel Oils.

Scharlab is pleased to announce our new Product Info focused on Fuel Oil Analysis, where with the help of our expert in the sector, we have listed all the reagents, solvents, consumables, glassware, instrumentation, etc., necessary for the various analyses and determinations, classified by the technique and regulations that regulate them.

We hope it will be a helpful document and a useful tool to find all the reagents and materials necessary for your analysis.

With this last document, Scharlab closes the series of 4 Product Info dedicated to the Petrochemical Industry, analysing the current regulations and technical determinations necessary for each of the 4 major products in this industry.

If you wish to contact our Petrochemical expert to answer all your queries, please contact us through helpdesk@scharlab.com

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