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Volumetric Glassware

Certificate of performance

All our class A and AS volumetric glassware comes with a certificate of performance contained in each box. This lot certificate has the lot number printed on each instrument. A certificate is issued with each lot and includes the ‘Mean Value’ and the ‘Standard Deviation’.


Quality assurance is based on compliance with the applicable European (EN) and International (ISO) Standards. Statistical Process Control (SPC) assists us in minimising the deviation from the nominal value (precision) and at the same time minimising the dispersion of the individual results (coefficient of variation).


All our burettes are Class AS and calibrated "to deliver" with a waiting time of 30 seconds and include a Schellbach stripe to enable better visualisation. All burettes include high contrast, ceramic enamel blue printed lines and inscriptions that are fused to the glass.

Our product range includes:

  • Volumetric flasks
  • One or two marks volumetric pipettes
  • Graduated pipettes
  • Burettes with glass, PTFE or PTFE spindle stopcock
  • Measuring cylinders with spout or stopper