PAH Standard Solution - 7 components

Method: Determination of organic compounds in drinking water by liquid-solid extraction and capillary column Gaz Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry. This is a general purpose method that provides procedures for determination of organic compounds in finished drinking water, source water, or drinking water in any treatment stage.
Acenaphthene D10 500µg/ml [15067-26-2]
Phenanthrene D10 500µg/ml [1517-22-2]
Chrysene D12 500µg/ml [1719-03-5]
1,3-Dimethyl-2-nitrobenzene 500µg/ml [81-20-9]
Perylene D12 500µg/ml [1520-96-3]
Triphenylphosphate 500µg/ml [115-86-6]
Pyrene D10 500µg/ml [1718-52-1]

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