Organochlorine Pesticide Mixture - 16 components

Method: Base/neutrals and acids. This method covers the determination of a number of organic compounds that are partitioned into an organic solvent and are amenable to gas chromatography.
Aldrin 2000ug/ml [309-00-2]
Alpha-HCH (alpha-BHC) 2000ug/ml [319-84-6]
Beta-HCH (beta-BHC) 2000ug/ml [319-85-7]
Delta-HCH (delta-BHC) 2000ug/ml [319-86-8]
Gamma-HCH (Lindane) (gamma-BHC) 2000ug/ml [58-89-9]
4,4'-DDD (TDE) 2000ug/ml [72-54-8]
4,4'-DDE 2000ug/ml [72-55-9]
4,4'-DDT 2000ug/ml [50-29-3]
Dieldrin 2000ug/ml [60-57-1]
Endosulfan-alpha (Endosulfan I) 2000ug/ml [959-98-8]
Endosulfan-beta (Endosulfan II) 2000ug/ml [33213-65-9]
Endosulfan-total (sulfate) 2000ug/ml [1031-07-8]
Endrin 2000ug/ml [72-20-8]
Endrin aldehyde 2000ug/ml [7421-93-4]
Heptachlor 2000ug/ml [76-44-8]
Heptachlor-exo-epoxide (cis-Heptachlorepoxide (cis-, exo-,) 2000ug/ml [1024-57-3]

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CPA CHEM CPAF128741 n-Hexane / Toluene (1/1) Ampoule 1 mL 2000ug/ml Comprar