Tubo de reaccion roscado 24x150mm para Carousel 12 Plus. RADLEYS.

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The Radleys Carousel was the first parallel synthesis system really designed for personal use. In this world-leading patented system can be carried out simultaneously up to 12 reactions (from 1 to 20ml) parallel solution (including reactions on solid support), under the same conditions of heating and reflux under inert atmosphere. It is an affordable, compact and easy to use, perfect for use in chemical fume hood in its season.

The Carousel provides all the productivity benefits of parallel synthesis for a fraction of the cost of expensive automated systems.

- Quick and efficient heating: with magnetic stirrer Radleys, Carousel simultaneously heated up to 12 reactions from ambient to 180 °C (220 °C for short periods) with an accuracy of ± 0.1. Controls the block temperature reactions or reaction temperature probe inserted in the block or through the Suba-Seal plug directly in the reaction mixture
- Powerful even in turmoil: the patented design ensures Carousel uniform vigorous stirring at 12 positions. To be equidistant from the center of magnetic rods magnetic stirrer ensures that all positions at the same speed agitate
- Efficient reflux: head water cooled reflux Carousel ensures efficient cooling of all tubes minimizing evaporation of solvent
- Radial gas distribution: the radial distribution of gas in the head and the screw plug Easy-On of fluoropolymer in each tube, in inert atmosphere claim 12 tubes

Upgrades Carousel 12 Plus are:
- Carousel 12 Plus uses 36% less energy than its predecessor
- The head reflux / inert gas can be transferred from the base to heat the base to cool
- New design of the cap of each tube in one piece eliminating the tube carrying the gas from the block to the cap and being much easier and faster to place
- New 'window' that lets you see the bottom of the tubes
- New white piece of PFA (similar to PTFE) covering the base of the tubes for further isolation
- Reactions to -78 °C with the Cooled Carousel
Each of the components of the Carousel can be purchased separately. The references considered as the minimum working set are marked with '(K)' in the description.

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