NANOSNAP™ micro-volume spectrophotometer

Spex NanoSNAP is a high-speed microvolume spectrophotometer dedicated to Life Science applications. It quantifies DNA, RNA and proteins and assesses their purity within seconds using as little as 1 µL of sample with no dilution required. This unit features preprogrammed DNA, RNA, and proteins measurements protocols, with customized methods available.
Navigation is fast and intuitive on the large 7' high resolution color touchscreen display. The home screen provides easy access to measurement modes as well as status of the system. Easily export data via the USB Type-A port for a USB flash drive of the front of the unit.
A nano hydrophobic coating layer on the quartz window protects optical fibers and reduces contamination.

- Detector: 2048 element CMOS
- Spectral resolution: 1.5 nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7 nm)
- CE approved

Scoope of delivery: spectrophotometer, power adapter and cords (US, UK, EU, Australia/China), and calibration report

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