OPP Standard Solution - 8 components in Acetone

Method: The Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticides in Municipal and Industrial Wastewater. This is a gas chromatographic (GC/NPD or GC/MS) method applicable to the determination of certain organophosphorus pesticides in industrial and municipal discharges as provided under 40 CFR 136.1.
Azinphos-methyl 200µg/ml [86-50-0]
Demeton (O+S) 200µg/ml [8065-48-3]
Diazinon 200µg/ml [333-41-5]
Disulfoton 200µg/ml [298-04-4]
Ethion 200µg/ml [563-12-2]
Malathion 200µg/ml [121-75-5]
Parathion (Parathion-ethyl) 200µg/ml [56-38-2]
Parathion-methyl 200µg/ml [298-00-0]

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