Symax syringe pumps

The Spetec Syringe Pump is used to meter fluids in micro or nano litre quantities.
The main elements are the stepper motor drive without wear components such as a clutch or gearbox, precision carriage, syringe holder set and replaceable syringes. Due to the high resolution of 25600 steps per rotation, individual steps are hardly noticeable. Both disposable and non-metallic precision syringes with any syringe volumes can be used. The smallest delivery volume per individual step is 100nl for syringes. The maximum feed rate is approx. 0,75ml/s.

Technical data:

- Temperature range: +10 to 40ºC
- Humidity: 20% up to 80% non condensing
- Data communication: RS 485/USB
- Dimensions (WxHxD) (without syringe holder): 270x95x85mm

Each syringe pump includes a universal syringe holder, CD software, wires and the user guide.

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