Tygon® LMT-55 tube

Used with strong reagents and other inorganic chemicals

Tygon® LMT-55 is a crystal clear and crack resistant laboratory and vacuum tubing in a non-DEHP formulation. Tygon® LMT-55 is engineered to last with greater flex fatigue & abrasion resistance. It will outlast the competition by 2-1 in peristaltic pump applications - saving the time and cost of downtime. Tygon® LMT-55 has an excellent chemical resistance to most inorganic chemicals. It is non-oxidizing, non-contaminating, and is less permeable than rubber tubing. The glassy-smooth inner bore helps prevent build up to facilitate cleaning. Tygon® LMT-55 can be autoclaved (30 min at 15 psi, 121C°) and sterilized by ethylene oxide (EtO) gas. It complies with FDA and meets USP Class VI. The tubing has durometer hardness of 55 (Shore A), tensile strength of 11.4 MPa and ultimate elongation of 450 %.

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