Muestreador de aire SPIN AIR SLAVE. IUL. Para placas Petri de 90 mmø.

Muestreador de aire SPIN AIR SLAVE. IUL. Para placas Petri de 90 mmø.
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Spin Air samplers grant users a compact, portable and simple solution for air sampling. Spin improved precision technology makes Spin Air samplers are higher than other sampling precision.
The Spin technology improves accuracy and resolution even when sampling in highly polluted environments (particularly useful cleanroom grade C and D, and environments irregular sampling). This technology uses 100% of the surface of the petri dish.
Compact and portable, you can be attached to a tripod to sample in the desired direction.
Meets USP 797 1116. regulations and related documentation will be provided to DQ, IQ and OQ with the team.
Full traceability: Records LIMS, printer connectivity and compatibility with bar code reader.

Rotating Spin technology for increased precision in sampling.
Full traceability of samples.
Possibility of connection to LIMS.
Adaptable to a barcode reader to make a quick identification of operator and shows.
Allows duplicate samples using a Spin Air Slave unit.

Spin technology for increased precision in sampling
It has all the advantages of the Air Spin Master unit which must be connected to operate.

Spin technology to increase sampling accuracy at an economical price.

Andersen sampler microbiological common type (without rotating system).
For very tight budgets.

Technical data:
- Air flow: 100 l / m (90mm plate) - 60 l / m (plate Rodac). Microprocessor controlled.
- Total volume of air: 10-9900 l
- Delayed start: 60 minutes, divided in seconds.
- Speed: 0.1, 2, 3 and 4 rpm.
- Tripod: At the bottom.
- Communication: RS232C to PC / Printer.
- Communication Format: XML, CSV.
- Connection with bar codes: With IUL bar-code device.
- Adapter: 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz 12 V DC 15W
- Battery Pack: 7.2V Ni Hydride
- Range: 8 hours full charge

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