Indicador biológico autocontenido (para cargas sólidas). Esterilización por: Vapor. Esporas: G. stearothermophillus ATCC 7953 + indicador químico tipo 5. Población (por vial): 10x5. Tiempo incubación (h): 24. Dim. unidad (mm): 31x8

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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the sterilization process through the lethality achieved on a population of Geobacillus stearothermophillus ATCC 7953 inoculated on different types of support.
Vials: Spores inoculated on a disc located at the bottom of the vial. It requires an activation of it so that the spores come into contact with the environment. Commonly used in routine sterilizations.
Ampoules: Glass vial with culture medium where the spores are dispersed. Indicated for the sterilization of liquids by steam.
Strips: Strips with spores. Incubation in a specific culture medium with color shift is necessary for rapid results (24-48 hours).

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