HG series autoclaves

The autoclaves of the HG series are available in 50 and 80 liters and meet the standards of comfort and safety. Ease of use thanks to its intuitive LED display.

All HMC autoclaves are manufactured in modern facilities and have the TÜV certificate. All devices comply with EC Directive Pressure Equipment and current European regulations. They carry the CE mark.
There are 12 programs available.
The closed system is coupled with a monitoring system temperature and pressure.

Heating devices in the chamber
- Innovative passive sealing system
- Automatic locking system by monitoring the pressure and temperature
- Opening temperature between 60-97 ° C shortlisted, Thermolock
- No electronics at the top
- Impervious to steam and heat
- Timer, 4 groups of programs, including evening program and pressure cooker
- Expenditure condensation heat innovative, efficient, adapted to the energy and volume

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