HMT 230MA/260MA/300MA Autoclaves

Autoclave that combines a sleek, compact design with high performance, reliability
and security.
Intelligent sterilization program with pre-vacuum and dry vacuum.
24 installed programs and special programs for Prion sterilization, sterilization
liquid, Bowie-Dick test, and test programs pumps for selection.
- Pre-vacuum function
- Dry vacuum function
- Microprocessor Control System
- Adding water automatically into the chamber after first cycle pre-vacuum
- Double control device Water level: One for the water tank, and one for
the camera
- Device self-closing door by pressure
- Indicator closed
- Complete cycle indicator
- Alarm low water level
- Pre-heating program
- Temperature control function
- Double protection against chamber pressure
- Emergency button
- Special program of liquid sterilization
- Special program Prion Sterilization
- Special program for Bowie-Dick test
- Voltage: 230V

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