Automatic Titration Systems HI 931 and HI 932

Potentiometric titrations, acid-base, redox potential, precipitation, complexometric, non-aqueous, with selective ion and argentometric.
- Dosing system high precision (<0.1% of burette volume)
- Exclusive Clip Lock System Change burette can be placed so
burettes as valuations are made avoiding cross-contamination and spending
cleaning unnecessary titrant
- Bastan few seconds to replace the tubing and burette with titrant and
start a new assessment
- Capacity 100 valuation methods standard or user-defined
- Programming the features of the method fully open and customizable
to user needs
- Continuous display of the titration curve screen
- Full and customizable report after the assessment including PC graphics transferable
- Intuitive Software with shortcuts and on-screen help messages

Additional specifications depending on model and configuration:
- Evaluations by retrocession
- Linking of methods
- Multiple equivalence points
- Peristatic pumps
- Automatic addition of auxiliary reagents
- Connection with autosampler

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