Flash Automatic Titrator

Flash Automatic Titrator has been designed simply and precisely perform the widest range of potentiometric titrations. Acid-base titrations, redox, Argentometric, Ph Calibration and reagent standardization.- The colored touchscreen display, 4.3'' (480 x 272), guides the user in each programming, analysis and data interpretation phase.- Up to two automatic burettes for titrant delivery and three peristaltic pumps operated together or separately can be installed. - Both a single analysis stand, 16, 20 or 35 positions autosamplers can be connected to the Flash titrator.- Optinal degassing system.- During the titration process, a graph giving the analysis trend is displayed in real time- 10 mL clear glass syringe and tip made of interchangleable PTFE- Valve (tritant/cleaning reactant suction, titrant delivery, syringe) made of anti-corrosive material- Internal tube: neoprene, External tube:PVC and PFTE- GLP. Password protected user management, editor method and Easy Data Software- Internal memory: Up to the last 100 titrations, 30 programs (10 'favourites'), last 10 calibrations and last 10 reagent standardizations. Each program allows you to configure the burettes and pumps for the addition of reagents, as well as the automatic sampler if it is connected.
- Programmable stirring speed with the Flash's magnetic stirrer. Pre-stir function, only with autosampler.- Resolution/precision < 1% / 12000 steps.- Connections: RS232 for printer and USB for PC. Bluetooth- Power supply: 24 V d.c, 1.25 A - 220 V power supply

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