HI933 Volumetric Karl Fisher Titrator

The HI 933 has a dosing system high precision and resolution allowing for accurate results even in samples with a low moisture content. Compact design, small footprint. Has developed methods and can develop custom methods for any application or sample type. Thanks to a USB or PC by connecting the computer to the methods can be modified, saved or deleted. HI933 software is very intuitive and easy management with a large color LCD screen.

- Fitness automatic pre-assessment.
- Automatic background correction moisture or value selected by user.
- Criteria fixed mV end point, stop moisture background relative or absolute.
- Dynamic Dosing with the possibility of pre-initial dosage
- Statistic average results and standard deviation.
- Clip System Lock™ exchangeable burette
- Syringe precision 5mL included.
- Three way valve motor, PTFE material in liquid contact zones.
- Glass conical optional titration volume between 50 and 150 ml
- Methods of assessment: up to 100 methods
- Data storage: Up to 100 full reports of each valuation

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