ENTRIS® II Advanced analytical balances

The new ENTRIS® II advanced balances are made in Germany and included incredibles features.
Highly resistant to chemical substances.
Integrated support for real-time leveling via an internal electronic level sensor that continuously monitors your position, alarm messages when not properly leveled, and interactive user guidance.
With three configurable security levels to determine valid weighing data and ensure that only these are transferred to external devices.
ISOCAL function: fully automatic adjustment and calibration when it detects temperature variations or after a non-functioning time interval
CalAuditTrail function: it provides comprehensive documentation with the automatic issuance of reports of the calibration processes, of the events that caused it and with time and date stamps.
Graphic touch screen.
Data output included: 9 pin RS232 and two USB-C (allowing multiple connections to external devices).
Allows data transfer to external USB memory
Allows individualized prints of up to 6 exclusive profiles.
Up to 13 languages available for use: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, and Hungarian
PC Direct function: direct communication with a computer (Excel or Word) without the need to purchase additional software
Main Menu lock by password and against tampering. Controlled access to balance settings with user management capabilities.
13 integrated applications as standard including advanced functions such as statistics, component weighing, control weighing and smart pipette test
Allows 4 alphanumeric identifications
There are 3 versions:
      - Models with internal calibration and ISOCAL
      - Models with External Calibration
      - Verified models or with model approval

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