Ventilated balance enclosures

The VBE Series is ideal for working with fine powders, and chemical and biological products.

These portable ventilated balance enclosures include top mounted HEPA/Blower filtration. They are set-up to circulate the internal atmosphere into the lab, attach to our
900EXTRACT Extraction Unit, or attached to your house exhaust system.
The smooth curved, or rounded, ABS™ airfoils provide gentle, unobstructed air flow through rear baffles and through the top mounted HEPA filter.

The ventilated balance enclosure provides minimal laboratory space and minimal energy usage.


- Constructed of optically clear 3/8' jeweled acrylic plastic.
- Front viewing sash with multiple air foils for higher containment and draft deflectors.
- Includes phenolic base with superior chemical resistance and provides higher analytical balance stabilization. Low vibrations. The black base allows for easy powder detection.
- Electrical cord outlet port.
- Adjustable front draft protection.
- Side blank plate for optional Bag-In / Bag-Out port (Art. No 900VBEBIBO).
- Includes face velocity alarm.

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