Hydro waterbaths for evaporation

The special baths for gentle vaporization work from columns, Erlenmeyer flasks or beakers are suitable for unattended continuous operation in the laboratory thanks to water level controllers and a water shortage protection. Hydro vaporization water baths are available in five models, all equipped with a removable perforated cover with a multi-part ring set made of heat-resistant plastic.
- Vaporization water bath for gentle steaming work
- Temperature adjustment via rotary knob with temperature scale
- 1-point temperature controller
- Water deficiency protection
- Adjustable water level regulator, sieve bottom and ring set as standard
- Bath interior, cover, sieve plate and heating element are made of stainless steel
- The cover frame and the multi-part ring set are removable (H 5 V model)
- An internal hole is provided on the cover frame to accommodate stand rods (H 5 V model)
- Support rods (length 600 mm, diameter 12 mm), made of stainless steel, are included as standard (H 6 V and H 9 V models)
- All hole covers consist of a multi-part ring set and are removable ( H 9 V, H 11 V and H 19 V models)

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