LOOP L 100 circulation thermostat

LOOP L 100 circulation thermostat is perfect for applications where a constant temperature is needed.
- Temperature regulation without refrigerant using Peltier technology
- Air cooled system
- Plug and Play setup with quick-fit couplings
- Operates with non flammable liquids (water, water/glycol)
- Bright and high-contrast graphic OLED display
- Menu available in 5 languages and is operated with only 3 keys
- Quiet operation and reduced level of vibrations
- RS-232 interface

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LAUDA Termostato de circulación LOOP L 100. LAUDA. Rango temperatura (ºC): 4 - 80. Estabilidad temperatura (ºC): ±0,1. Potencia frigorífica a 10ºC (kW): 0,12. Potencia frigorífica a 20ºC (kW): 0,06. Caudal (l/min) - Presión (bar): 3 - 0,8. Volumen (l): 0,28. Dim. ext. AnxAlxPr (mm): 175x266x301 LAUL000027 Buy