Polycarbonate Open Tank

Handle liquid temperatures up to 85°C.

- Advanced Programmable or MX Temperature Controller
- 8, 11, 14, 17, 23 or 28 liter reservoir
- Transparent polycarbonate reservoir lets you keep samples in clear view
- Elevated tank bottom provides secure hand holds when lifting or relocating bath, remains stable on uneven surfaces
- Controller bridge removes easily for tank cleaning, rests securely on reservoir top edge when in use
- Included bath cover reduces evaporation and improves temperature stability
- DuraTop™ chemical resistant bridge
- Lidded opening for optional cooling coil (17, 23 and 28 liter models)
- Drain port (17, 23 and 28 liter models)
- Complies with DIN 12876-1 Class I safety requirements for use with non-flammable liquids

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