Recirculation thermostat Ultraterm TFT-200-S

Safety over temperature thermostat with adjustable manual reset according standard DIN 12876. Low liquid level sensor protection.
- Maximum working volume to maintain maximum temperature: 8 litres.
- AISI 304 stainless steel top and lid with an inner tank of AISI 304 stainless steel.
- Complete with a pump for internal and external liquid circulation with inlet and outlet connectors. A cooling coil to maintain ambient temperatures using tap water is also provided.
- A RS-232 interface for print out or computer control comes as standard.
- A drain tap is also fitted.

- Large amount of information exposed in one screen.
- State process and its representations sequences using realtime charts .
- Data Logging , incidencts and record.
- User guide in the display.

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SELECTA Ultratermostato de circulación Ultraterm-TFT-200-S. J.P.  SELECTA. . Rango Tª (ºC): Amb. +5 a 200. Estabilidad (±ºC): 0,1 a 100ºC y 0,1 a 200ºC. Dim. ext. AnxAlxPr (cm): 15x20x14. Bomba presión/caudal: 150 mbar/12 l/min. Consumo (W): 2.060 SEL3000554 Buy