Ultrasonic cleaning units Elmasonic Easy R

Elmasonic Easy R ultrasonic baths have different applications such as test sieve cleaning, degassing and sample treatment.
- 37 kHz ultrasonic frequency (control range -2.5 / +5.5 kHz)
- 4 ultrasonic modes for demand-oriented sound field distribution and sample preparation in the ultrasonic bath:
- general cleaning sweep mode: General cleaning tasks. Ensures a more homogeneous distribution of cavitation (mechanical action) in the bath
- sieve cleaning mode: For optimum cleaning of test sieves
- sample preparation mode: For standard tasks such as mixing, dissolving, dispersing, cleaning, etc.
- degas mode: Fast degassing of HPLC solvents
- Electronic selector switches on wipeable membrane keypad and LED display of operating states
- Pre-selection of cleaning time: Cleaning time adjustable between 1 minute and 30 minutes or continuous operation adjustable (ultrasonic continuous operation max. 6 hours)
- Acoustic and optical signal at the end of cleaning
- Automatic safety shutdown after 8 hours
- Splash-proof housing and cleaning tray made of stainless steel
- Stopcock for emptying the cleaning tank via the drain at the rear of the unit (only for Elmasonic Easy 350 R)
- Different fill level possible for different container sizes. Saving of water an medium ((only for Elmasonic Easy 50 R)
- 2 years warranty from initial start-up, but no longer than 3 years from production date

Scope of delivery:
- Operating manual
- Power cable with rubber connector (2 m length)
- Cover or, turned over, usable as a drip tray for a basket (50 R)
- Stainless steel lid (350 R)
- Hose connector for drain (350 R)

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