Ultrasonic cleaning units Sonorex Super

PZT-transducers produce the high-powered ultrasonic intensity throughout the entire oscillating tank. Concentrated ultrasonic energy without irritating surface waves. Constant power and automatic frequency control always ensure optimum distribution of ultrasonic energy and reproducible results, regardless of the sizes of the pieces to be cleaned.

- PZT-large area oscillating systems
- HF-Frequency 35kHz, SpeedTec®
- Timer 1 - 15 minutes and continous operation
- H-types with built-in heating, 30 - 80°C (86 to 176°F) thermostatically adjustable, RK 31 H
- Fixed at 65°C/149°F
- Oscillating tank of stainless steel, RK 102 H stainless steel, hard chromium plated
- Housing of stainless steel - drip proof
- Drain cock included for easy emptying (from RK 100 SH upward)
- Power supply: 230 V.

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