Aeolus V vertical laminar flow cabinets

The Aeolus V vertical laminar flow cabinet provide a laminar air flow that protects ultra clean dust samples from external contamination and cross-contamination.
Especially recommended for cellular and tissue, media preparation, hematology and immunology crops.

- Cabinet frame made of stove-enamel coated steel.
- Polished AISI-304 stainless steel working surface.
- HEPA filter protected with laminar screen to provide incomparable uniform flow.
- U.V. resistant tempered glass side walls.
- Sliding front safety glass window.

Green line:
- Very low power consumption is obtained by adopting:
- EC motors
- LED lighting
- Standby flow mode
- All parts are retrofittable, even the metallic ones, so extending total life of the cabinet.
- Pre-filter (G3) prevents dust, dirt and particles reaching the HEPA filter, tremendously increasing HEPA filter lifetime.

Technical data:
- Lighting (lux): > 1200 lux.
- Noise level (dBA): 55.
- HEPA/ULPA H14 filters: efficiency > 99,999% (DOP) class 10.
- Fans: EC centrifugal high efficiency with speed control.
- Power supply: 230 V.

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