Ductless filtration fume hoods PLUG&PLAY

The cabins Cruma ductless filtration PLUG & PLAY are ideal for removing gaseous pollutants and / or solid particles / aerosols in your work area.
This range is delivered fully assembled, it has a wider variety of measures and has the option of incorporating multiple accessories.
In addition they come equipped with the patented Filtration System Cruma, without any connection through to the outside. All molecular and dust particles are adsorbed and retained in the filtration system.

LCD: Large format 127x34mm. Monitored speed suction. Type filter installed, working hours, and expiration next revision. Notice door open by photocells. Countdown timer. Clock and calendar.
Features and components: initial cycle flow adequacy and final purge cycle. LED fault indicator. Airflow control microprocessor. Activated carbon filters with an electronic chip. internal temperature sensor. LED lighting.

Filters are not included.

7-year warranty.

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