Microbiological safety cabinets VIRUS3

Microbiological Safety Cabinet of Class III.

 - Conveniently placed controls visually
 - Fan speed microprocessor controlled and aeraulics
 - Three operating modes: normal, stand-by and calibration
 - Purging high-speed start-up
 - Auto calibration and internal monitoring cycle before reaching the condition 'SAFE'
 - Visual representation of the conditions 'SAFE' and 'UNSAFE' (LED and bar graph)
 - Elapsed Timer
 - Microprocessor control
 - Alarms multi-level redundancy functions.
 - Permanent display of working conditions.
 - High stability of the air flow, both in the case of transitional disturbances as progressive clogging of the filter
 - Power Failure Alarm
 - Voltage free contact for remote control air extraction.
 - Automatic reset of the initial conditions in case of power failure
 - Support C-shaped to facilitate the installation procedure with one person
 - Anti return valve (optional) for configuration with ducts
 - Meter Magnehelic for constant monitoring of the internal pressure of the cabin
 - An internal standard electrical outlet
 - Series UV light installed on the inside top
 - Made according to standard EN12469: 2000
 - Class III: Unique design with four filters for maximum environmental safety and operator (Risk Group 4 pathogens): a pre-filter, a HEPA H14 In-Let two HEPA H14 removal.
- Class H14 filters with 99.995% high efficiency particulate air in MPPS (most penetrating particle size, according to standards EN1822-1 and EN 13091: 1999 tested and certified)

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CRUMA Cabina de seguridad biológica VIRUS3. CRUMA. Nivel sonoro (dB): < 58 dB. Dim. ext AnxAlxPr (mm): 2.105x1.300 822. Dim. int AnxAlxPr (mm): 1.200x700x660. Peso (Kg): 210 209-00CRV3 Buy