Powder weighing cabinets

For operator protection during heavy precision operations, Cruma has designed a new double cabin with Hepa filter for particle retention both higher and lower than 0.3 microns. The car is equipped with a main filter H-14 plus a safety filter H-14 to expulsion. Optionally you can set with active carbon filter to expulsion.
Made entirely of iron plate coated with epoxy paint.
The performance of our cabins for heavy is in line with the main requirements
standards: Norm NFX 15211: 2009, ASHRAE 110: 1995, EN 1822-1: 1998.
HEPA filter with a miniUSB connection microchipcon capable of storing information and interact with the alarm system processor cabin.

Standard equipment installed:
- Absolute filter HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) H14 class 99.995% efficiency
for 0.3 micron particles (DESH test)
- HEPA filter safety or activated carbon filter (to choose according to job requirements)
- Fireproof prefilter class G4
- Lighting 900 lux
- Making electricity

Technical data:
- Average volume of treated air / hour (m3 / h): 175
- Average speed of air (m / s): 0.40
- Total Power Consumption (W): 123
- Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
- Noise level (dB): 48

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