Centrifuge Biocen 22

The Biocen 22 is designed to prevent contamination by interaction with the centrifuge and
temperature increasing by: chamber stainless steel centrifuge easily sterilized, rotors with tight lids and ventilation system that helps reduce the temperature.
Designed for small volume, allows 24 microtubes Centrifuge 1,5-2 ml, 32ml of 0,2 up to 24 tubes of 1,5 x 75mm, up to 15.000rpm / 21.885 x g. Reduce spin time by controlling the different stages, allowing braking according to the type of sample.

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Centrifuge (rotor not included)

ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga Biocen 22. ORTOALRESA. Centrífuga (no se incluye rotor). Refrigerada: No. Dimensiones AnxAlxPr (mm): 390x272x276. Voltaje (V): 220-240. Frecuencia (Hz): 50-60. Consumo (W): 180 095-0CE146 Buy

Rotor RT227.

ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga Biocen 22. ORTOALRESA. Rotor RT227. Tipo de rotor: Angular. Capacidad: 24x1,5-2ml. RPM: 15000. Radio (mm): 82. Factorxg: 20627 095-0RT227 Buy

Accessories for rotor RT227. Compatible with 24 microtubes 1.5-2.2 mL (11x42 mm)

ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE304 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE305 Buy

Rotor RT228. Compatible with 1,5x75 mm capillaries without adapters. Includes microhematocrit reader card

ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga Biocen 22. ORTOALRESA. Rotor RT228. Tipo de rotor: Horizontal. Capacidad: 24x1,5x75mm. RPM: 15000. Radio (mm): 87. Factorxg: 21885 095-0RT228 Buy

Rotor RT229. For 32x0.2 mL microtubes (6x21 mm) and 4x0.2 mL PCR strips without adapters.

ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga Biocen 22. ORTOALRESA. Rotor RT229. Angular. 32x0,2ml. RPM:15000.Radio(mm)=55.Factorxg= 13835 095-0RT229 Buy

Rotor RT254.

ORTO ALRESA Rotor RT 254. ORTOALRESA. Rotor angular, vel. 15000 rpm, cap. 12x5ml cónicos, radio 57mm, factorxg: 21804 095-0RT254 Buy

Accessories for rotor RT254. Compatible with 6x5 mL screw cap conical tubes (17x68 mm), 12x5 mL snap cap conical tubes (17x60 mm) without adapters.

ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE506 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE507 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE508 Buy