Centrifuge Biocen 22 R

The Biocen 22 R can reach up to 30,034 xg, becoming the necessary tool for most demanding labs, allows 24 microtubes of 1,5-2 ml, 32 ml of 0,2 and 8 to 15 ml conical tubes. Orto Alresa has built the Biocen 22 R with several advantages which allow a safe analysis, without interaction of centrifuge, as: cooling system which maintains the sample temperature at 4°C at max speed, regardless of the rotor, chamber of centrifugation in stainless steel, allowing an easy disinfection on samples leakages, avoiding contamination form the centrifuge, rotors with hermetic lids and accessories sterilizables.

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Centrifuge (rotor not included)

ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga Biocen 22 R. ORTOALRESA. Centrífuga (no se incluye rotor). Refrigerada: Sí. Dimensiones AnxAlxPr (mm): 640x272x276. Voltaje (V): 220-240. Frecuencia (Hz): 50-60. Consumo (W): 540 095-0CE148 Buy

Rotor RT222. Compatible with 24 microtubes 1.5-2.2 mL (11x42 mm)

ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga Biocen 22 R. ORTOALRESA. Rotor RT222. Tipo de rotor: Angular. Capacidad: 24x1,5-2ml. RPM: 18100. Radio (mm): 82. Factorxg: 30034 095-0RT222 Buy

Accessories for rotor RT222

ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE304 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE305 Buy

Rotor RT223. For tube sizes that do not need adapters, contact us.

ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga Biocen 22 R. ORTOALRESA. Rotor RT223. Tipo de rotor: Angular. Capacidad: 8x15ml cónicos. RPM: 8000. Radio (mm): 91. Factorxg: 6511 095-0RT223 Buy

Accessories for rotor RT223

ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE371 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE377 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE398 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE513 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE514 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE515 Buy

Rotor RT224. For 32x0.2 mL microtubes (6x21 mm) and 4x0.2 mL PCR strips without adapters.

ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga Biocen 22 R. ORTOALRESA. Rotor RT224. Tipo de rotor: Angular. Capacidad: 32x0,2ml. RPM: 18100. Radio (mm): 55. Factorxg: 20145 095-0RT224 Buy

Rotor RT252. Compatible with 12x5 mL screw cap conical tubes (17x68 mm), 12x5 mL snap cap conical tubes (17x60 mm) without adapters.

ORTO ALRESA Rotor RT 252. ORTOALRESA. Rotor angular, vel. 18100 rpm, cap. 12x15ml, radio 87mm, factorxg: 31065 095-0RT252 Buy

Accessories for rotor RT252

ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE506 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE507 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE508 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE537 Buy
ORTO ALRESA Mesa móvil con ruedas. ORTOALRESA. Accesorio para centrifugas. Para modelos: Digtor 22, Consul 22, Biocen 22 R y Bioprocen 22 R ALR-0CP007 Buy