Minicen Centrifuge

The Minicen centrifuge has been created in the context of staff centrifuge. Fast, stable, quiet and efficient, allowing sample preparation in the shortest possible time facilitating processes and performance at work. It has rotors with quick release caps and lids biosafety. Designed for 12 microtubes 1.5-2 ml. Reaches up to 15,000 rpm / 15596 xg.

- Maintenance-free motor
- Quiet: Amount of noise less than 60 db

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ORTO ALRESA Centrifuga MINICEN + Rotor RT255 para 12 tubos de 1,5-2 ml. + Adaptadores para tubos de 0,2 a 0,6 ml. ORTO ALRESA. 095-0CE182 Buy

Rotor RT255 (included)

ORTO ALRESA Centrífuga Minicen. ORTOALRESA. Rotor: RT 255. Tipo de rotor: Angular 45º. Capacidad: 12 de 1,5-2ml. RPM: 15.000. Radio (mm): 62. Factor xg.: 15.596 095-0RT255 Buy

Accessories for rotor RT255 (included)

ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE509 Buy
ORTO ALRESA 095-0RE510 Buy

Rotor RT263

ORTO ALRESA Rotor RT263. ORTOALRESA. Centrífuga Minicen. Tipo de rotor: Angular 30º. Capacidad: 16 de 0,2 ml. RPM: 15000. Radio (mm): 52. Factor xg.: 13080 095-0RT263 Buy