A new space-saving system equipped with everything needed to sim- plify culture media preparation and speed up the process.Designed for ease-of-use, operation of the PCX is via a large integral screen using a suite of powerful icon-based software that guides you intuitively, with onscreen support, through the culture media prepa- ration process. Operator safety was paramount in the design of the PCX. The pressure vessel closure is automatic and is temperature and pressure dependent.At the heart of the PCX is new thermal boiler heating technology that delivers energy-efficient production and an innovative pre-sterilized auto-lock hose connection that minimizes connection time to your media filler while maintaining a contamination-free environment. The PCX is designed to be economical down to the last milliliter of your culture media, with the sampling tube automatically centering itself at the lowest point of the cuvette.

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BIOTOOL Preparador de medio automático Proficlave PCX. BIOTOOL. Con 3 modos de uso: modo esterilizador, modo autoclave y modo baño de agua. Volumen preparación medio (L): 2,5-15,5. Conexiones agua: 3/4'. Máx. presión (bar): 1,8. Dimensiones AnxAlxPr (mm): 560x580(830 tapa abierta)x500 B1000400-0 Buy