OV 725 Digital disperser

The OV 725 Digital Disperser is engineered for homogenization, emulsification, suspensions, and high-speed mixing of cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical products, and biological tissues. It features a powerful brushless motor, electronic speed control, integral timer/counter function, and advanced safety measures. With its bright and intuitive 4-digit LED display and comfortable push-to-start knob, precise electronic speed settings and control between 2,000 and 25,000 rpm are easily achievable. Tool installation is fast and simple, ensuring efficient dispersal. Various safety functions, including soft start, motor overload protection, overtemperature alarms, and dispersing tool detection alarm, alert operators to improper installation or lack of the dispersing tool, ensuring optimal safety during daily operations. The disperser also includes an LED indicator system and maintenance timer to notify users of instrument wear. Its resistant and robust housing protects internal electronic components, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging applications.

Scope of delivery:
- OV 725 digital dispersor (VF20900475) includes tool disassembly kit (VE40003238)
- OV 725 digital dispersor system (SA20900475) includes a double Rod Mini H-Stand (VA00000484), D20-S20C-P-R20S dispersing tool (VA00000478) and tool disassembly kit (VE40003238)

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