Unique and universal dispersing system with hermetically sealable disposable sample tubes. Protection and security for: Infectious sample materials, toxic substances, high-odor substances. The sample containers (tubes) are easily attached to the drive unit. Desired speed and duration are set, then the test is started. An acoustic signal indicates completion of experiment. The tests are any time reproducible and there is no cross-contamination between the samples.
- New: Gamma-sterilized tubes
- New: Tubes with pierceable membrane covers
- New: Tubes with 2 - 15 ml and 15 - 50 ml
- Disperse, stir, homogenize and grind using a single drive unit
- No possibility of cross-contamination
- Hermetically sealable disposable sample tubes
- High level of user safety
- Suitable for individual use and use in series
- Anti-locking function
- Increases safety due to low voltage (24 V)
- Chemical-resistant plastic
- Simple and safe disposal
- Worldwide service guaranteed by IKA
- Patented
The UTTD Workstation includes, besides the unit: 2xST-20, 2xDT-20, 2xBMT-20 G/S, a removal hook for the removal of the rotor-stator unit.

- UTTD control: USB, collecting tray for protection against leaking liquids, LED display, programmable sample conditions. Workstation UTTD includes besides the unit: 2xST-20, 2xDT-20, 2xBMT-20 G/S, removal hook for removal the rotor-stator unit
- ST: tube with stirring device suitable for, mixing, stirring, extractions, preparation of soil sample
- DT: tube with rotor-stator element suitable for, dispersion, homogenisation, suspensions, pharmocokinetics, metabolism studies, diagnosis
- BMT G/S: tube for grinding with glass balls (G) or with stainless steel balls (S) suitable for dry milling of dry and brittle samples (e. g. kaolin, gypsum, coloured pigments, tablets), cell maceration, processing of materials mixed with fluids
- M: tube with pierceable membrane suitable for addition of fluid during the mixing, dispersion and grinding process, sampling during the mixing, dispersion and grinding process
- gamma: ?-sterilized tube suitable for grinding, mixing or dispersion under sterile conditions, germfree storage of samples (tissue, blood, etc.)

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