HI9829 Multiparameter pH/ISE/EC/DO/Turbidity Waterproof Meter with GPS

Instruments for measuring pH, EC, DO and turbidity, and register ISE probe.

Raincoat. IP 67 and IP 68 probe equipment - measures and records up to 15 parameters, including the main chemical water parameters, including nitrates, ammonium and chloride; as well as Turbidity according to ISO 7027.

Versatile. It is supplied with direct reader or adaptable to the requirements of each application independently programmable register probe.

Monitoring of rivers, swamps, lakes, water catchments, treatment plants for specific application biologics- control, with water, and interesting applications in geology where parameters such as conductivity, O2, pH, C ° and nitrates are particularly important.

Royal Decree 1514/2009 governing the protection of groundwater where significant and sustained and ammonium nitrate pollution trends; and variations in pH, O2 and conductivity, requires accurate monitoring and localized, to control possible decreases of the ecological quality of water, the portable multiparameter probe HANNA HI 9829 guaranteed by ergonomic and precise sensors, plus the contribution of media GPS location or identification Fast Tracker measuring point, exclusive HANNA instruments.

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