MAXI and MAXI-PLUS horizontal electrophoresis gel units

The units for MAXI and MAXI-PLUS electrophoresis are available in their standard versions, or refrigerated. They are designed to provide high performance. The refrigerated units are ideal for laboratories that must produce fast large-scale and high-voltage rapid nucleic acid analysis, without compromising resolution.
- Wide format for techniques that require high resolution such as PCR product screening, RFLP or HLA analysis.
- Adjustable comb height for total control over the volume of loading and the depth of the wells.
- 4 or 12 positions for combs (HU20 or HU25).
- Buffer recirculation ports. Peristaltic pump recirculation prevents ionic gradient formation and helps maintain pH.
- Compact tank reduces the buffer volume required to cover the gel, providing greater control over the voltage gradient and run-time.
- UV-transparent acrylic casting tray allows the user to image the gel without risk of damage due to handling.
- Multi-channel pipette compatible combs (HU15).
- Connection ports for chillers in refrigerated units (CHU).

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