LYOQUEST Lyophilizers

The Telstar LyoQuest benchtop freeze dryer has been developed to meet the most demanding requirements of a research freeze dryer.

- Extremely compact bench mounted table-top unit. Large capacities of condensation (6 kg/24 h) in the minimum possible space.
- Two different process oriented control systems, both PLC based, adapts the unit to every requirement:
- Basic control for LyoQuest Series: allows automatic pressure control and shelves temperature control.
- Plus control for LyoQuest Plus Series: allows automatic pressure control and
shelves temperature programming.
- Touch screen that displays system operation parameters and alarm messages. Descriptive and timely information display and setting selection is provided.
- Monitoring software (LyoLogger) to connect unit to PC available.
yoQuest Plus allows fully automatic or semiautomatic work. Auto-start up and automatic switch off routines are included.
- Pressure control: manual control (for LyoQuest Series) or automatic control of vacuum (for LyoQuest Plus Series) for faster freeze drying and reproducible results.
- Side mounted vacuum and drain connections with valves.
- Upright AISI 316L condenser with total capacity of 8 kg, which permits freezing of the samples.
- Automatic defrosting function. Condenser design allows easy and quick cleaning and defrosting.
- Two choices of temperature: -55°C and -85°C.
- Wide range of accessories and options to accommodate every freeze drying application.

It is supplied WITHOUT a pump (art. no: 133-636837), it must be ordered together with the lyophilizer.

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