Gravimetric dilutors Smart Dilutor W

The Smart diluter W is the solution for laboratories that need to increase their capacity sample processing and traceability in its gravimetric dilutions and dispensations. Its precise load cell and its powerful peristaltic pumps provide a dilution / gravimetric dispensing optimal for quality control laboratories in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
All the parts of the liquid circuit are autoclavable. The instrument can control up to 6 pumps and link two of them at the same time to reduce operation time.

- Delivery speed: 950ml/min (tube diameter: 5mm)
- Displayed weight resolution: 0,1g
- Weight inaccuracy: <1%
- Weight resolution sample: 0,01g
- Weight resolution dilution: 0,1g
- Working temperature: +5ºC to +40ºC
- Dilution factor: from 1 to 999. Dilution inaccuracy: <0,3g
- Dispensing weight range: 1g up to maximum
- Data input/output: RS232 and Ethernet
- Power supply: 264 V

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