Leeb hardness tester PCE-900

The Leeb Hardness Tester PCE-900 measures the hardness of nine different metals using the Leeb rebound method. This means that with the hardness tester a firing pin bounces on a metallic surface and the intensity of the rebound is used as an indicator of the material hardness. It measures the metal hardness in 6 different hardness scales. It is an important instrument in the field of material inspection in goods control.

- 9 materials pre-calibrated
- RS-232 interface

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PCE Durómetro Leeb para metales PCE-900. PCE. Rango: 200 - 900 HL. Precisión: ± 0,8 % en HLD = 900. Unidades de dureza: HL (Leeb), HRC (Rockwell C), HRB (Rockwell B), HB (Brinell), HV (Vickers) y HSD (Shore) PCE-000900 Buy