GRD-1 Temperature gradient plate

Highly efficient bi-directional temperature gradient system for investigating responses to temperature shifts of seeds, small plants, insects, micro-organisms or any small component or material. Heating one edge of a square aluminium plate and cooling the other results in a temperature gradient across the entire plate.
Removable perspex grid divides the working area into 196 mini-incubators, each with a different temperature regime (allows many samples to be tested without the need for separate controlled environmet chambers.
Over temperature protection is provided on each edge by fixed temperature cut-outs.
An adjustable timer controls the length of the two phases within the 24 hour cycle which automatically switches the gradient direction as programmed.
Supplied with multi-channel Squirrel data logger for recording time and temperature from five probes positioned underneath the plate (one in each corner and one in the centre) for post-cycle analyses on a PC.
Bespoke light hoods including full spectrum LED's are available (GRD1 LH model).

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