Heating mantles for flasks Fibroman HT-W

Maximun precision in temperature control and energy saving.
Includes 'TC' temperature sensor, conectable to case directly. Temperature sensor of 4mm of diameter and 20cm long.
For adjustable temperaturas from ambient +5 to 400 °C.
Electronic regulation of temperature with double screen to show the present temperature and the programmed one.
Stability ±0,5 to 1 °C according to temperature.

- External case made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
- Heating elements homogeneously distributed inside of the mineral wool woven and thermically insulated.
- Pure nickel connection terminals.
- Temperature control system by inner thermocouple.
- TC probe connector included in the equipment for the liquid temperature control inside the flask.
- Device to hold support bar.
- Power supply: 230 V.

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