Lab blenders guarantee optimal bacterial extraction of solid samples by the movements of its two paddles. Representative of the sample's global contamination, with BagMixer® the homogenized sample is ready to be analyzed in 30 to 60 seconds.

- Quick Homogenization with optimal bacterial extraction
- Mobile and adjustable Palas
- Body and stainless steel chamber
- Time and adjustable speed homogenisation
- Easy cleaning: door opening to 270 ° and removable blades system Click and Clean®
- Locking system Q-Tight®: avoids the problems of leakage from the top of the bag during homogenization
- Silent and resistant
- Easy insertion of the bag homogenization
- 3 year guarantee

MiniMix® 100:
- designed for the blending of small samples
- Multifunction digital screen
- Q-Tight® closing
- Click and Clean® removable paddles

BagMixer® 400 CC:
- worldwide best-seller
- 400 CC model: with multifunction digital screen, adjustable blending speed, time and power, Q-Tight® closing

BagMixer® S and SW:
- Super silent brushless motor
- Integrated security driptray
- Total access system
- Light code system
- Time selection: from 1 s to 59 minutes, or 8
- Adjustable speed: 4, 6, 8 or 10 strokes/s

JumboMix® 3500:
- Great robustness
- Multifunction digital screen
- Adjustable blending speed, time and power
- Q-Tight® closing
- JumboMix® 3500 WarmMix® model with regulated heated door (from 20°C to 50°C) provides perfect conditions for the Trichinella testing in pork

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