CO2 incubator model INCUBATOR

The CO2 Incubator 'Direct Heat' equipped with an 'on-demand' decontamination cycle, is designed to provide a stable and convenient environment for Cell and Tissue culture, taking into consideration the most stringent needs of the cell biologists, for both continuous and batch cultures. CO2 Incubator maintains an accurate CO2 gas percentage, uniform temperature and a consistently high level of humidity providing a stable culturing environment, even for most critical applications like IVF and Hybridoma cultures.

Technical speficications:
- Heating System: Direct radiation of 6 sides, 4 separate controls, 73 m of heating elements.
-Temperature range: 10-50°C in 0.1 increments ( minimum setting: ambient + 1°C)
-Temperature measurement: Seven RT curve matched thermistors
-Control:± 0,1°C
-Precisión:± 0,1°C
-Uniformity: better than ± 0,3°C
-Over Temperature Protection: Independent, inhibits all heaters above 1.0° C over set temp. -value (in the unlikely event of a control system failure)

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