Incubators series PREBATEM-TFT refrigerated

Stoves precision low temperature with forced air circulation. Forced air circulation. Peltier technology.
Temperature regulation by microprocessor with digital reading.

Technology. No compressor unit.

For adjustable temperatures from 5 ° C to 60 ° C. Resolution 0.1 ° C. Heating and cooling semiconductors. Quiet, stable, vibration-free, high accuracy and low power consumption. Tempered glass inner door.
Safety: Standard DIN 50011. Thermal requirements of stability and homogeneity.
DIN 12880.3.1 Adjustable safety thermostat built.

Possible applications. Biotechnology, bacteriology, plasma fractions, biology, enzyme test, research, studies of serum, metrology, botany, phytopharmacological, cosmetics, water analysis, industry, agriculture.

TFT screen:
- Large amount of information exposed in one screen.
- State process and its representations sequences using realtime charts .
- Data Logging , incidencts and record.
- User guide in the display.

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