Chemical resistant diaphragm pumps for dispensing liquids SIMDOS®

- Application: dosage of liquids
- Discharge height 60 mCE, suction height 2 mCE
- Pump head available in different materials: PP, PVDF or PTFE
- PTFE diaphragm with FFKM valves
- Manually adjustable flow (S version) or manually and by external control (RC version) or via RS 232 interface (RC Plus version)
- Additional protection diaphragm for maximum safety
- Simple replacement of the flow diaphragm by activation of maintenance in the control program

- intuitive control, easy calibration
- adjustable according to the characteristics of the liquid
- self-priming and dry operation
- waterproof IP65
- Compact size

Technical characteristics:
- Delivery height: 60 mCE
- Ambient temperature: +5 to +40°C
- Permissible liquid temperature: +5 to +80°C
- Control: version S (manual); RC version (man./external)

The RC models can be equipped with an RS 232 (RC Plus) interface on request

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