SMZ171 Trinocular Stereomicroscope

The SMZ171 Motic's stereomicroscope introduces improved optical quality and new materials for ESD compatibility and optimal LED illumination. All these characteristics ensure a versatile stereomicroscope for a wide range of biological and material science applications.
It's Greenough optical system comes with a large zoom range of 1:6.7, parfocal at all magnifications which enables precise tridimensional reproduction of the samples throughout the course of the zoom. It has a working distance of 110mm in it's standard configuration. Allows easy access and manipulation of the sample.

SMZ 171
- Greenough optical zoom system
- Trinocular head, 45º viewing angle, 360º rotation
- 100:0 (eyetubes), 0:100 (right eyetube / trinocular tube) optical split.
- Widefield high eyepoint, WF10X/23mm with diopter adjustment
- Zoom ratio 1:6.7, WD=110mm
- Magnification range: 0.75X-5X
- Large working area stand with head holder.
- Coaxial coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
- 3W LED individual bulb for incident / transmitted illumination, adjustable intensity control
- Transmitted with swiveling reflector (sideways illumination)
- Has a source of light guide for flexible illumination
- Black / white and frosted glass stage plates and protective case

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