Nitrogen generator HF30P with integrated compressor and pneumatic control system

HF30P nitrogen generator has a pneumatic control system and is ideal for use in laboratories where a reliable and cost-effective nitrogen source is essential and is suitable for all laboratories, especially where a source of high-pressure clean air is not available at the place of use. The HF30P is optimized for the current LC-MS systems (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry) that are increasingly being used in analytical laboratories. The use of the highest quality components in combination with our know-how in oil-free technology guarantees low-maintenance operation and an extremely long service life.Nitrogen supply up to 32 L/min to 7 bar with purity up to 99.5%.Proven 3-stage air filtration and high-quality separation membrane for improved N2 purity
Technical data:- Nominal voltage (V AC): 230- Nominal frequency (Hz): 50- Nominal power (kW): 1.5- Protection class: IP54- Duty cycle: S1 - Ambient conditions (ºC): +5 to +35- Weight (kg): 123- Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 800x695x605

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CHROMALYTIC Generador de nitrógeno HF30P. CHROMALYTIC. Compresor: Sí. Pantalla: No. Caudal a 0 bar (l/min): 32. Presión máxima (bar): 7. Punto de rocío típico (ºC): -40. Nivel sonoro a PN dB (A): 59. Receptor presión nitrógeno (L): 20,0. Receptor presión aire comprimido (L): 5,0 1150702010 Buy